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Hello, everybody! It’s actually been a couple months since we started operating, but we’ve been busy with traveling and stuff. We are glad to finally roll our website blog where we can share our findings!

For people who don’t know us very well, our researchers have done some work related to these topics:


  • Practical Control Flow Integrity
  • Software-based Remote Attestation
  • Binary Randomization via Binary Rewriting
  • Automotive Security
  • Vulnerability Research

Commercial Work

  • Trusted Computing (Chain of Trust) Verification
  • Security Audit on Source & Binary Code

Do you have really challenging problems to solve? Contact us!
We are always open to opportunities with interesting work.

Also, we moved to a new office last week. Here are some pictures:

The address is Theori, 600 Congress Ave, 14th Floor, Austin, TX 78701 in case you want to visit or mail us :)

We have some exciting news we are preparing to share, so stay tuned to our blog.